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Meet Baby Reny!

Our experience at The Inside Story Ultrasound was amazing! We had never experienced anything like it. We invited our family with us, the room was packed with our parents and siblings 🙂 It was absolutely amazing! My husband loved the DVD and watched it every night before bed till he was born! The employees at The Inside Story were real nice! I loved the experience, and the treatment. I would definitely go back with my second child 🙂

-Cynthia Trevino

Meet Baby Eric!

A few of our friends went to other 3D facilities and their pictures were not that good – actually they were a little scary. Therefore, I was extremely nervous, but we were so amazed at how clear our sons face looked. The pictures were awesome! Our son looked exactly like his 3D pictures when he was born. Everything was great: the pictures, the location, and of course, how they treat you. I tell everyone about our experience at The Inside Story Ultrasound. It was so amazing that I even went back for a 2nd time to see how much my little one had grown.

-Katherine Ramirez & Eric Rubio

Meet Baby Kate!

On my way to The Inside Story Ultrasound not only was I nervous, but I was also somewhat skeptical if my baby’s face would actually be clear enough to distinguish particular characteristics. When I arrived I was greeted warmly and couldn’t help but notice how immaculately clean and organized the facility was. Unfortunately, my daughter was being camera shy and had her foot in the way, but luckily our technician worked with us and allowed us to stretch and a have a few minutes to get her to move. A few seconds later I was in a state of amazement. This was one of the most memorable moments in my entire life.

Thank you,
Dianna Hundi

Join us on Facebook and enter our Before and After Contest!

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